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Welcome to, the place to be if your are looking for a dogfriendly cottage! We know what is important when you take your dog on holiday, like a fenced garden or a house near the beach. Take a look at our easy to use searchpage if you like to view all our dogfriendly holiday homes.

We also provide a lot of customer reviews of earlier visitors of our holiday homes, which makes your choice a lot easier which house to choose.

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3 dogs allowed

La Roche-en-Ardenne
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La Roche-en-Ardenne

Ardennen, Luxemburg
3 dogs allowed

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3 dogs allowed


Some holiday makers may not find this place an attractive destination, but in fact The United Kingdom is a great place for you and your loyal friend. There are several dog friendly locations in Britain. England, Scotland, Wales and North-Ireland may have similar landscapes, but these countries have their own special culture and habits.

Every year over 30 million tourists visit this island.The most popular destinations are the capitals, London and Edinburgh, but also its castles, its popular coasts and the breathtaking natural landscapes are worth visiting. The United Kingdom is also very attractive to sport lovers: kite surfing, mountain biking and hiking are just some examples of outdoor activities, certainly you can enjoy those activities there as well.

Do something different and discover some of the beautiful and charming areas of the United Kingdom.


France has been the most popular destination for British people. Our southerns neighbors have so much to offer from different landscapes to special cultural aspects. Why not going to this beautiful country with your pet?

Discover the cultural areas of this country, such as Basque Country and Alsace! If you love nature, this is the right place. France offers great landscapes for you and your dog. From places with parks like in Provence Elzas or spetacular places as Brittany and Pyrenees ; France has great places. This is the place full of cultural and natural parks, perfect for your holidays.


The Netherlands : The perfect country for bikes, flat landscapes and nature. A country with history and traditions. A great country for your holidays, whether you live in the Netherldans or abroad, you can find your Dutch holiday paradise.

You have a wide range of traditional villages to choose from such as Veluwe , Zeeland , Drenthe and Limburg; it is up to you where to go. Also, who should you spend your holidays with? Certainly, with your most loyal friend. Your dog. There is enough space in the nature to spend quality time with your dog. Time that usually you do not have during your working periods. Time that you would love to have, but there are other things to be done. The Netherlands is the place to relax and enjoy your free time.


Belgium : the place of traditions, nature and welcoming hospitality. Belgium is also the place where the charm of Germanic and Latin cultures come together and its differences turn into freedom.

Visit this unique place and check out the Latin and Germanic features displayed around the country. Have a great time with your loyal friend in this beautiful country. Check Ardennen, for example. A place full of natural parks and charming open air places. Besides its breathtaking countryside, this country also has lovely cities as its capital, Antwerpe and Brugge. So, take you time to visit the natural and cultural treasures hidden in Belgium.


Germany has several parks, forests, lakes and much more. Visit places like The Eifel, The Black Forest, Sauerland or Bayern and enjoy with your dog or dogs the nature and cultural diversity of this place.

Are you the type of person who is not a big fan of popular holiday destinations? Don't panic, because you can relax in open air places and cultural places such as castles, museums and parks to your surprise. Besides that, you should include historical cities as Berlin, Hamburg or Munchen on your tour. uses cookies to give you the best user experience and for advertising purposes. Continued use of this website implies your consent to this. uses cookies